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How Marketing Can Help You Live a Better Life .

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

This article is about the importance of marketing in our life . To shape it in a better way to grow in life moreover to be happy to move forward.


 The moment we talk about marketing. The thought that comes into our mind is we going to talk about any product or any business service. The answer is no we are not going to mention any product rather we are going to talk about ourselves.


Personal image personal life our day today activity.  Everything is correlated to creating our personal brand. It helps to evaluate how important we are to our family to a society and to the organisation we work for.


For daily life well being we need certain things to survive to continue our livelihood, which indirectly connects us. With various products and services and the supply chain. For the same is also regulate how deal with our concern for day-to-day needs.


Marketing is an aspect. Which is bonded with most of the parts of our life be it external dealings or personal well-being.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

In this article, we are going to talk about. How marketing is related to our life and why it is important to learn marketing to be a better performer in life. What is the aspect of marketing that is more important than helps to decide the growth factor of our life?

HOW Marketing is related to our life.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

In our daily life, we need a couple of things to survive. we need clothes to wear, food to eat, medicine for health, education to grow, a home to stay safe. If we look minutely, we are part of marketing either directly or indirectly. With this, all must have the needs I have mentioned above.


Marketing is fundamental to what makes us human. Marketing is not solely about selling food items real estate or cars. Everything’s in life have the involvement of process of marketing something to someone. To our family members, we market ourselves as better people. To our friends, we market ourselves as better than others. In our professional life, we market ourselves to get better paymaster and recognition.

In social media we market our self our lifestyle, we market our ideas via our blogs, articles we write. End of the day we are consumers and a marketer also. We market a product service and we consume the product and services marketed by others. So, it works both ways. Let’s get into the details of the Marketing model, the Four P of marketing.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Product: What is on sale? the item or the service. Anything or everything that is on sale. That have to have a presentation, specifications and proper package outcome.


Promotion: The way a product or service is announced. The way product is introduced to consumers. There is various channel of promotion, online and offline.


Price: The most valuable part of a product or service is the price. As how much it pinches to consumer pockets. And how competitive it is to the other product available in the market.


Place: The place is where we are selling is online or offline. As if the approach for both is different and the entire planning is also different. Because for both the scenario the consumer behaviour is different.

Marketing helps you to make your decisions about what to wear, what to eat. Where to travel, which college to take admission to. The list is endless, we cannot count the no of times in our daily lives. Where we have taken decisions with the influence of marketing. That is why a large amount of money has been spent on advertising. It works like this, you think about a product or service you need to access and your mind will reflect the product. Advertisement very recently you saw on visual media or in digital format.

WHY it is important to learn marketing:

We need to learn marketing to get a better outcome in our day to day transactions and decision making. We keep our eyes open and aware of our decision making we can have a better deal. Being a consumer, we are always looking for our needs to be fulfilled. The retailer taking advantage to sell their product or service with better marketing tricks. To make more profit. When we do have the knowledge or the idea of how a product or a service is positioned to be sold to us. We have to be well informed to make the best deal out of all.


It is a fact that a product or service has been designed in view of customer needs. It is not only creating the product and services it is also to market them based on the needs of the end-user. End of the day the user or the consumers are the targets for business creators.


Let’s take an example of our personal relationship. If you plan to date someone then you must learn the art of marketing. To market yourself in a better way to impress your partner. 


That’s how our daily life has the flair of marketing in every corner but we never thought it that way. As a consumer when we decide to buy a real estate property, we look into many aspects. for comfortable living and we do compare other property also. In terms of facility, they offer the same price range. 

The property owner has a choice to sell t to us or to a diff customer. But if we market ourselves in a better way. We can get a better deal also and good property but yes we have to convince the owner the way you wanted it to happen. This is how marketing influences our life to get a better opportunity. The same rule is applicable when you are going to buy a car. With a better price coat, you have asked for in terms of discount. 
The internet has fundamentally changed everything these days. It helps us to close a deal faster and smarter way. Let’s take the example of buying a car. Earlier you need to visit many showrooms. To compare the model and specification of the car. But now you can do everything sitting at your home or office. Within an hour including the best price point factor also.
That is how online marketing plays a crucial role in today’s date.

What are the aspect of marketing to us ?

The most important aspect of marketing is people. The consumer, yes we are the most important aspect of marketing. The product can be very good in terms of quality. Best price and best marketing strategy can be used to market that product. But unless the consumer accepts it all the efforts will be failed


To find a better consumer market we need to do proper research and have to have the best plan of action. Here comes two vital factors, online or offline. Yes, Traditional marketing and digital marketing are the two ways to promote. And potion a product and a brand. Let’s dive deep into the fact of how both are relevant to a product or a service and which influence us also.

“As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from ‘always be closing’ to ‘always be helping.’” – Jonathan Lister

Traditional Marketing is about mass advertisement. Tv, Radio, Media, Print media, ATL & BTL promotion. It is more of a public display and caters to a large no of crowds for a region.  It is also creating brand awareness. Create a sustainable market presence for that brand to mass.


Digital marketing or online marketing via an internet platform is an online activity. And focused on a range of consumers, more specific, more predefined. Defined by age location, and online activity.

Image by Prodeep Ahmeed from Pixabay

A question can come into mind which is better? Digital marketing or Traditional marketing.


The answer is both are equally important for a product or a brand to grow to sustain. The way we market a product or service depends on the targeted consumer and the market for that product. We can promote real estate via online marketing. But the consumer will only buy that once he or she visit that property. The same is true for buying a car also. But when we are buying a product from any e-commerce portal. We prefer to take it online as if we get a better price benefit. So it depends on which product and who are people who are buying it.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” – KB Marketing Agency

Let’s take the example of buying a dream car.


At the initial stage of our career, we get tempted to see a beautiful car. Car on road and advertisement in media which creates attention to grow to think more about buying a car . The more we think about it our interest grows and ultimately that interest becomes a desire to own that. then we start our planning to, it is time to take action to buy that car, via a bank loan or cash.


So we end up buying that car and this entire process involved 4 processes. Which in marketing language we call as CATT model.

Lets Discuss more about the CATT model:

Image by John Conde from Pixabay

The CATT model contains 4 modules to convert a product or service into sales via marketing.

Content – The product or service we are intend to present to the targeted consumer needs to be very good in terms of quality. The entire marketing promotion can failed if we promote a wrong content , Because the consumer behaviour can only influenced if he or she find interest on the product or services .

Attention – After we grow intertest to a consumer we need to push the interest more to create a desire by growing more attention towards the product or the services he or she like.

Trust – A consumer will buy a product or services when the comfort zone take effect . the comfort zone is not only about price it is about the trust towards the brand towards the concept behind the product or services. Unless we trust we not spend money for a deal. We may visit a car showroom many a time but the day we feel that I trust this brand or this model , that day we go and buy that car .

Transaction – that is the ultimate and final goal of the entire activity.

Any marketing process involved steps, marketing is a combination of many tasks together. It is an integration of different approaches to convert a prospect into a user for a product.


If we talk about digital marketing. Which consist of multiple marketing strategies to form a cohesive conjoint approach. For the product or services, it is designed for. Here are some steps

involved :

WEB design

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing

Social Media marketing

Google Paid advertising.

The idea behind integrated digital marketing. Is to engage the prospect in multiple ways. To create a large impact on the product or the brand. It is to create an impact on consumer behaviour. To grow the desire to buy that product. Let’s get back to our initial discussion. About personal life and marketing how it is co-related.


Many people talk about brand, brand value, brand equity. About brand loyalty for a product. For us, personal branding is also equally important. To grow in personal life and professional life. Our personal brand is how we promote ourselves to others. It is always a combination of experience, knowledge, skills and personality. It is about telling your own story to the entire world in front of me.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Professionally it is an image that people see. It can be a combined effect of how they look at you in real life. Personal branding is vital because this is how we present ourselves. To the external world to our friends and family members. And the most important factor is the way we present to our potential clients. It is an opportunity to highlight the passion for the product. And the services we are going to provide to the end-user, that gain lot of trust and confidence.


“Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. Now it’s about telling a truth and sharing it.” – Marc Mathieu

Marketing helps us to understand the need of a customer for a product or service. In personal life the more we express ourselves to others. We can get a better opportunity in the society to our near and dear one. As they will be able to understand our needs and our approach better way. Our approach towards life also improves significantly.


In the professional field the more we market us we can grow in our career or in business fields. There is a rapid evolution in the taste and choice of consumers and people around us. Marketing helps in getting these changes. It helps to improve the productivity of a person.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Marketing helps the entire consumer fraternity to familiar with new products and services. Our lives become more comfortable and we can be able to get better opportunities. With fewer efforts when we are going to find out the perfect product match and price point.


Marketing is important and is very much essential for life. So let’s learn the art of marketing so that we can help ourselves better way and grow in life. So these were the major importance of Marketing that every individual should know. I hope you all must have known the Importance of marketing by now. I request all of the viewers that you also share this knowledge with your family. Your friends so that there will be awareness with us and everyone will profit a lot from it.


I need your help so that I can pass on more new information to you guys. But still, if you see any need in this post of our importance of Marketing. Then please give your view in the comment box and help us to improve that deficiency, thanks.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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