Jobs In the age of Artificial Intelligence

Jobs In the age of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the counterfeit of human intelligence processes by specially programmed computer systems. It is a branch of computer science, the technology helps to build smart machines that can perform tasks that required human intelligence.

The fact....

As artificial intelligence becomes more popular this day and it is growing day by day. Artificial Intelligence become a threat to the job market. This automation will displace a wide number of jobs in the coming years. But the fact is that AI will create a new dimension in the jobs world.

Evidence shows that if technology really destroyed jobs, there would have been no jobs today for the aspiring generations. But the real scenario is completely different. Past 30 years’ technological revolutions changed the entire job market. Many new things come up the last couple of years. New technology created many jobs opportunity with better potions and better salaries.

So many new startup has emerged. So we need to rethink about the threat of AI. It is not about protecting the job; it is about the shift of technology. we need to think about upgrading new skills and technology and the way we going to implement it.


If we take an example of the banking industry, which has undergone changes over the years. In banks, many things like passbook updating , cash & cheque deposit, have been automated for operational efficiency. With the help of online banking, consumer visit frequency to the bank become very less.

Future of Job sector 

In the near future, AI is not going to replace jobs in service sector but it is going deal with complex work, which are high end jobs. Employees will need to go deep into analysis of the data and be able to provide solution which works better.

Across the industries, though some jobs will be automated in the coming years. Jobs with higher skill levels will still be in demand. This certified that a focused approach towards up-skilling the existing workforce to be prepared for the future. A good education will be imperative to acquiring skills, that are competitive in the new generation job market. This also means that the current education system need to adapt lot many things. It actually needs a revolutionary change in the current education system.

As a new generation, we need to think about how can we implement the changes. So that the new opportunities for upward growth are not get disturbed with the changes in market dynamics. The next generation entrepreneurs should have a smooth path to start new firms which will employ new staff with a new type of job with the marry of technology.

Employers will need to think of alternative models to build new talent. In the near future we need to look we would have to look at more such innovative thinking to manage the challenge.


Companies are already using AI and machine learning systems and they are into a new era of the unique category with a unique job opportunity. the new job roles are not replacing the old ones. The new job options need more skills more expertise.

Final words

As computers becomes more and more intelligent, humans with also have compete with that growth of technology.


The focus should be on to create a system which define a human capability to adapt things in fast track.

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