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Digital Detox

In today’s date life is totally engaged with too many digital products. In our life personal life or professional life, we are engaged in a digital product.

From Bank to shopping from study help to schooling everywhere we are involved digitally through the internet . One way this is an advantage to us but another way also this is actually making us dependent on our digital devices. We are more independent to ourselves for every task but now we use to think about a device to complete a task.

What is digital Detox ?: It’s about making yourself de-touch with all the digital influencers, devices for at least a few minutes or a couple of times so that You can refresh yourself.

When we get up in the morning earlier we used to Check the newspaper now 9 days we used to check news form or mobile application.  We don’t go to the market to buy things what we do is we take out of mobile and we use shopping application. For groceries and other things, we ordered it even for the medicine we use the application to order and get it delivered at home. We are now comfortable in watching movie sitting at home with family in big flat scree smart TV on an OTT platform just with the help of an internet connection.

 In today’s date, the situation is as such that we cannot even think a day without mobile. We are very much dependent on the mobile and other digital devices. There are very few people who are not dependent on digital devices but most of the people are very much dependent be young be an old housewives for walking whosoever.

Everyone is dependent on mobile they are searching for content on mobile, addiction to the mobile is becoming more and more and all the service is what we need in daily life all are coming into one particular position that is mobile. The mobile company in service sectors are on making mobile application-centric Industries, they are going for mobile marketing because business is happening through mobile.

Example for banking nowadays people hardly visit banks physically for transactions they do it through the mobile application via online payment gateways. Everything could be done through mobile for execution or activity.

Customer-first search in mobile on the online market like “Amazon or Flipkart “, search for product details along with the prices. They see the features and compare different brands of that product. After all this activity if they feel like they need to go to a shop where they can find consumer durables they went there to shop. And then also they compare the price of that product, hearing better offer in online they order it in online same goes for the fashion items . The best part is we don’t need to really go and buy them and come back home. Here you are getting it delivered at your doorsteps . Top of that an option available, that if it’s not fit so you can return it sitting at your home and then you are getting a fresh one. In that way, it is saving a lot of time and energy and also money. But it’s creating a bad habit also. End of the day We become busy with mobile.

It is true that mobile or digital devices make our work easier saves our time and energy but on the other hand, pressing a button and everything happening makes you lazy. When you use it day by day, month after month, years after years it became a habit.

With the consistent use of a device you become addicted to that device. On using a digital device, the harmful part is social media, addiction towards social media. When social media has started it has started as a platform to communicate with your friends to your colleagues. Connect to those people for those you don’t have the contacts. That’s how social media started but nowadays social media become an addiction. Whatever we do, whatever we think, everything we share in social.

School going kids, college students use digital devices like mobile, laptops for doing online class. But along with that, they are interested to play online games on a digital devices. They are no more interested to go outside to play with their friends. There are busier in to play computer games, to chatting with their friends virtually.

How we get rid of all this :

When you visit to a doctor with some problems after knowing all the details and proper examination ,doctor says that you need to follow all the instruction as per the prescription along with proper diet and to maintain a good Lifestyle, routine lifestyle. Same thing goes to digital devices ,mobile .You need to makes distance from your mobile , tab, laptop smart watches. Need to create a routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You need to time-bound yourself that this is the time to use digital devices this is the time use project and this time I am not able to use it too. You need to follow some rules for using gadgets. We need to make a routine for using our gadgets Social media per email chat and when you do it regularly that become a habit and you will find out that by doing this you are saving a lot of quality time. You can use it for your personal growth personal improvement to keep yourself busy with quality work. Because when you sit ideal when you don’t have any work, we have nothing to do so idle brain used to do lazy things. Your ideal brain will let you addicted to the digital device again you will land up spending time on social media or playing mobile games. We need to think that spending time on social media is not harmful in terms of other harmful things which are there on the internet but it actually kills your quality time.

Because The time you spend on social media Is entirely a wastage as you do not have any return from that. At the same time if you put on reading of books that give your knowledge value addition to your personal growth.

The best possible ways are to try to be without mobile for a couple of days, for example, you can take leave from your work, you can go for a vacation for a couple of days. When you are going on a vacation you just switch off your mobile. You go to a place where there is no network so that you can spend your entire time without any device any gadgets, you can spend with your family can spend time with kids and that will be a quality time for you can even read books, play music.

Back To old school days:

You can almost do everything without mobile or tab laptops, try to find other solutions try to implement the earlier solutions the physical solutions. Physically go to the market to shop physically. Visit the local market don’t put an alarm on mobile use your table watch to set a morning alarm. Read Printed newspapers don’t just read through mobile apps read magazines, printed magazines too. Read hard copy books, these all small habits can change a lot of things. The small habits will change the dependencies on gadgets on digital devices. Talk to people when you travel in public transport when you are in a gathering in a public function talk to the people around you don’t just sit with your mobile world.

Conclusion We can say that using mobile as a communication device ask yourself before using your mobile or any other digital device. Use the device only when you are really in need of that. You can grow with your time for your betterment.

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