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What are you doing to get Job ?

What are you doing to get a job and to sustain on that to grow in your career required different skill sets? Yes, you need to work hard for it but you need to work smarter to rise a step in stairs and to rise in your career is more or less similar in nature. 


The fact....

Till the date, you are in college or university. You are a free bird but the real soil testing of your career starts from the day you starts giving exams. To get a job and to face interviews. You might be very good at academics but that does not mean you will get a job. There is a big difference Between getting a job And to be a successful professional.

Evidence shows that if technology really destroyed jobs, there would have been no jobs today for the aspiring generations. But the real scenario is completely different. Past 30 years’ technological revolutions changed the entire job market. Many new things come up the last couple of years. New technology created many jobs opportunity with better potions and better salaries.

To be a successful professional. You must have a combination of performance and perfect skill. Moreover, along with professional skills. You need to have good soft skill expertise to grow in your professional field.

The First Step

Facing an interview and to get a job

Students are those who have just completed their graduation. Or they have done their Masters. Students who have completed their education from colleges or universities. The most important thing is to plan. Before you appear for an interview. You need to be very much confident. To face the question being asked to you . Confident to say about yourself confident to describe what you are. Things you have done till now. All about your aspiration, your plan for the future.

Before you appear for an interview for a particular organization. You need to have some information about the organization. You need to research well about that organization. The moment you face that interview be assured. That whatever information you are providing should be correct. Wrong information false commitment, these are actually made a very bad impression.

You need to remember whenever an organization conduct an interview. For a position of a new candidate, they always thought of a long term goal. That the candidate we are interviewing will go to walk with us for a long term or not. 

So that the inputs from that particular candidate should be beneficial. For us and it will sustain for a longer period of time. So you also need to show during the period of the interview. That you are to stay with this organization for a longer period of time. You are not a short-term player you are a long-term player. The moment you express your words. You can convince them that you are going to stay the long term. That increase your confidence in yourself from the interview. That is very much essential during the process of the interview. Whenever someone is asking you or someone is saying something doesn’t interrupt. First, listen then you start answering and your body language. Also replied that are you waiting to finish him. Or her then you are going to start that shows the respect that shows professionalism.

Preparation for the interview

You need to prepare for the interview before you appear for it. Why you should prepare for it is because you gain confidence when you are prepared. You will be able to answer the question very confidently. When we give any exams. Before that, we prepare for it. The same goes for the interview you need to prepare yourself before you appear for an interview.

Dress code for the interview:

You need to wear formals. Because informal is not allowed in interviews. For men it is always shirts and trousers if you have a blazer, well and good even have a Tie and blazer on. For women is always wise if you can wear Indian traditional dress. Saree or Salwar informal way or else you can wear trouser shirts with a blazer on.


On the date of the interview be very confident. You should remember when you enter the interview room. Greet them with a smile treat everybody and wait till you have been asked to sit.

After you finished the interview. Don’t forget to thanks everyone on the interview panel. Wish them a smile greet them with a smile.

In The Job Process :

For doing the job you have a lot of things to take care of. When you’ve gone through an interview you got a job you are happy. But the challenges start from that day you enter the office. Because to grow to sustain in a job in an organization. And you get a growths not a one day task you need to work hard and you need to work smart for that. When you are going to arrange a meeting with your teammates. Before meeting to know what is the agenda of the meeting. With details of who are the people attending that meeting. You need to send invitations to those people by email or WhatsApp. And you need to mention what are the key points. After the meeting is over you need to write a minute of the meeting. Need to send that to all the attendees with the major learning and next plan of action. When you are working as a team. You always have to be very cautious about your teammates. You need to discuss the key points with your teammates. So that the work which you are doing together. You should have a proper execution and everybody should have their own Inputs into it.


Team Work:


In a team, everybody will not have the same thought point to work. But it is the job of the other teammates to encourage each and everyone to complete a task on time. With the proper note that’s, we call it teamwork and when a team performs well. When a team does well everybody get the credit. When a team don’t do well everybody feels bad. It is not always necessary that. Everybody has done bad, maybe in 5 member team, 3 of them are done well. But the other two members have not done well because of that the entire team performs badly.


Office management and office politics:


The office is a place to work. But apart from work, there are various things we need to take care of. While you are working in the office in a particular environment. In a fixed setup where there are many people working together. We might work in a team we might work in an individual position. we might be working as a senior or junior we might be the head of the institution.


You need to support your teammates, have to work together in a healthy environment.

Work Life Balance :

We need to balance work and personal behaviour. For many people, many employees feel that. While walking in an office the mental pressure grows more. Then the work pressure because of the peers pressure in the competition. To balance that we need to think about where the problem lies. You can only work in a happy environment or the work environment. It could be happier when you are satisfied to work in that particular environment. You will only be satisfied when you work peacefully. You work happily so that happiness lies in you. Feel like my teammates are not friendly with me my teammates are doing some politics with me . Then you will start thinking about negative things. But you need to take care of those negative parts, always try to find a positive influence. There should not be any ego between your senior or junior. The work environment should be professional. Because you need to remember one thing. Everyone working with you, parallel to you are in a hierarchy. They all are working for the same cause. For the same organization. If you work well if you do your work well. If the organization grows. Then everyone grows that’s the key point for each and every organization. The employee can only grow. When an organization grows. The organization will only grow when the employees will work well. If an organization have 40 employees 10% of them work well and the rest are not doing the work. The organization will never grow up. It will only grow when each and everybody put in their efforts. On a positive note that’s the key to success in an organization.


Remember one thing when you think out of the box. Anything about more new ideas and you have innovations on yourself. That shows your enthusiasm, your knowledge and your perception. Towards your organization . You can only think out of the box when you take your role very seriously. When you grow you also need to think. That you should grow with your team so that your lower level should grow with you so that you can move up to the next level.

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