The Role of Formal and Informal Education.

What is Education?

Education is not just about learning a theory or a fact, or some numeric data. It is about learning a skill better, being valued as a person. We are not taught how to be being human, how to do better things in life, we are taught how to get a job.

School education fails to comply with their main task of building a primary foundation of quality education. They are in a process of making workers only.


Formal education has limitations. No one should limit education by depending only on formal education. School & college provide education, which is a one-way learning process, where the teachers deliver and the students are only listing to it. There are no practical hands-on learning happening in schools. One should never stop learning or let school education interfere in real learning. Real learning can only happen when you learn something by doing, practising again and again.

In life, real education or learning comes from informal training or education, personal training, one to one coaching. In our country, the education system is as such that a student is bound to study a group of subjects which probably you do not like or do not understand properly, up to a certain age group or class in schools. 

A student may like to read history but do not understand or like math, not at all willing to do the math. Still that students have to study math along with the other subject till a secondary level of education. As a result, the student ends up getting confused. Some of them do it by choice and the rest do it by force as they do not have any choice. As they do not have any options. After a couple of years when they land up in professional study they get stuck.

The better performance or best result can only come out when you love something to be done. But when you are forced to do it as you do not have a choice either, you end up having an unsatisfactory result.

What is Real Education?

In a real education system, both student and teacher are on the same track to exchange knowledge. In ancient days in our country, there was a concept of “Gurukul” where students used to stay with their guru, they had to study there. They have to work hard to implement things practically. That was phase-wise learning and a one to one coaching done by the guru. The same concept is used in today’s date on personal training on informal coaching, done by subject matter experts or life coaches.

Why it is different than formal education?

We can say that informal training or coaching or learning is a real education as if the trainer or the coach teach or guide a student what he wants to learn. The subject which he or she loves to do. The entire training goes through a process of implementation, practical hands-on experience so that it will become a habit of doing . When we do things in real we remember it easily rather than just listing to a lecture.

Real education helps to build a career, to lay a foundation path to the way forward in a student career . A student or a person can grow in their life when he or she found the right path to follow. Else they will land up choosing the wrong career option, which actually makes their future miserable.

Informal education covers a large scale of learning that all people who join in, in their day to day lives. Which covers activities for an individual student to do personal research on the subject or interests for self with using books, and individual trainers, with the help of internet or other resources.

Informal education includes facts where students want to learn a specific skill set which they are not able to get on formal ways to learn. Informal education also has a fact that learning things with connection to real-time facts and figures. Learning specific skill sets are so much essential to growing in a career that only books is not sufficient to provide that.

Final words

To all the students who have big dreams, you just do not depend only on the formal education system. Just take a pen and paper and write your dream then start working on it. Take information for all possible education paths to learn and achieve your dream.

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